Ownership - Equity
Thomson Reuters best-in-class ownership offers more securities, mutual funds and institutions like hedge funds than any of our competitors. We offer a wide array of analytics, from simple equity and fixed income security holder analysis to in-depth industry ownership reports. Whether you are targeting investors for a road show or tracking a corporation’s equity and debt owners, we can assist in your ownership data requirements.

Our team of ownership expert analysts provides vast, detailed equity analytics to meet your needs. We have the ability to provide complete shareholder lists of publicly traded common and preferred stocks, warrants, units, ETFs, and convertible debt. In addition to screening for individual companies, we have the capability to provide ownership reports for equity assets by industries, indices, exchanges, countries, global regions, and market caps. In addition to providing holders lists of equity securities, our group offers complete portfolio breakdowns of institutional and strategic investors. We have ownership data available back to the 1970s, and we can provide quarterly, semi-annual, and annual holdings in a single report.

Ownership - Fixed Income
For fixed income ownership, our team has access to a large database of fixed income ownership of corporate, sovereign, agency, municipal, asset-backed, and mortgage-backed securities. Our analysts generate custom holder reports by debt issue, aggregate debt outstanding of an issuer, country, region, industry, credit rating, maturity, coupon, coupon structure, and currency. Similar to our equity offering, we have the capability to provide full fixed income portfolio holdings of institutions, mutual funds, pension funds, and insurance companies.